Why is Dark Lager More Solid Tasting than Light?

Posted By admin on August 3, 2013

Beer has been consumed in mass quantities since prehistoric times, so the question as to when beer first became a mass-produced product becomes a matter of definition of terms.

The earliest evidence of writing comes from Sumer, in modern day Iraq, from about 4000 BC, directtelevisionpackages.com, and some of the earliest examples of writing that have been found are recipes for beer. The Babylonians produced beer in large quantities and many varieties, and there is even evidence that workers were paid their daily wage in beer.

The (more…)

What is the Difference Between Wheat Beer and Other Sorts?

Posted By admin on June 3, 2013

Wheat beer is popular among beer connoisseurs for its unique flavor profile. However, many people are not aware of the differences between wheat beer and other kinds of beer. There are a few small differences that can make all of the difference!

It is obviously from the name that wheat beer contains a significant amount of – you guessed it – wheat! This means that there is more wheat malt than the barley malt used in other beers. In addition, wheat beer uses (more…)

What Makes German Beer Better Tasting?

Posted By admin on April 2, 2013

Despite beer being brewed all over the world, many beer connoisseurs agree that Germany brews the best beer. Although American beer is improving in flavor, the Germans still claim the most delicious beer in the world. What is it that makes German beer better tasting than all others?

One of the biggest reasons that the Germans have perfected beer brewing is because of the long and storied tradition of beer brewing in the region. Tribes in present day Germany began brewing beer in the Bronze Age–as early as 1000 B.C. (more…)

Where Can the Best in Microbrewery Beer be Found?

Posted By admin on October 11, 2011

As craft beers become more and more popular, many people ask where the best microbrewery beer can be found. One of the best things about microbrews is that if you go across the country and ask 100 different people, you will likely get 100 different answers. You will find that if you answer the above question, the answer that you give may really only apply to yourself.

The individual reasons that we love a craft brew are widely varied (more…)

Why is Microbrewery Beer Better Than the Big Labels?

Posted By admin on October 9, 2011

Microbrewery beer is better than large labels because it is brewed in smaller batches and better care is taken to make sure that it has full flavor and defining characteristics. While there are many popular breweries, some of the best are limited edition microbrews where they add flavors like caramel or cloves to fall blends or they make their own custom mix of hops and spices to make a unique flavor.

There are trends in the microbrewing, as with anything else. Some of the most popular flavors (more…)

How Do You Start a Microbrewery?

Posted By admin on October 6, 2011

Let’s face it. Beer is not rocket science. In spite what the ‘beer snobs’ of the world would have us believe beer (literally) boils down to water, sugar, yeast, and hops. If one wishes to start a microbrewery just make sure that you cover 4 bases mentioned above, and then transform them into your own magic concoction known as beer.

Finding your supplier of grain, hops, and yeast is easy in today’s beer focused world. Similarly simple is finding the necessary equipment, (more…)

Great U.S. Brewery Trips

Posted By admin on September 28, 2011

If you love beer and you’ve got a soft-spot for brewery tours you’ve got to use your clear.com mobile connection to plan a brewmaster trip! Whether it’s all for the guys or a romantic weekend away, any of these three destinations makes for a perfect beer-lover’s getaway.
Denver, CO – Colorado is home to a lot of breweries both big and small and Denver is the epicenter. We suggest you start at the Anheuser Busch plant and make your way through some (more…)

How is Beer Mass Produced In America?

Posted By admin on July 22, 2011

There are three distinct types of beer produced in America. The first type of beer is the homebrew made in the kitchen to the taste and desires of the homeowner. The second type of beer produced in America is currently known as a microbrew. The third type of beer being produced in America is mass produced and is referred to as a macrobrew.
How does a person make a distinction between a micro and a macro produced beer? The easiest way to distinguish between the two (more…)

How Did Beer Become Popular in America?

Posted By admin on July 18, 2011

The popularity of beer in America is a combination of availability, affordability, and advertising. Dutch and English settlers brought the first European-style ales to the continent. Lager beers, introduced later by German immigrants, soon supplanted ales in popularity, largely due to their longer shelf life.

The introduction of Prohibition in 1919 brought a halt to beer production in the United States and as a result many small regional brewers were forced out of business. Larger brewers who could convert their breweries to the production of soft drinks or malt syrups were able to survive. The Volstead Act (more…)

Different Microbreweries in the United States

Posted By admin on July 15, 2011

I have to admit, some of the best microbrews I have ever experienced have been bathtub brews. While these may never become microbreweries to the masses, the spirit contained inside all microbrew bottles is one in the same. They always deliver an effervescent smile. These barley and hops saviors in a bottle have become incredibly popular over the past 20 years. Thank you to all respective powers that be. Interestingly, most states now have microbrew festivals. Some of the locations may be a bit surprising, but then so is the delight of sampling a new microbrew.

Oh, these people take (more…)