When Did Beer Become Popular in America?

The history of beer in the United States began in the 1600′s The first beer was delivered to a Virginia colony in the United States from England. The year was 1607. Before this the colonists brewed beer made from corn. The first brewery was established by a man named Peter Frampton in 1683. It was located in Philadelphia on Front Street. George Washington entered a beer recipe in his extensive notebook collection in 1754.

In the 1800′s, the United States had over 120 breweries. This attested to the popularity of making and drinking beer. Thomas Holloway built a steam engine that was installed in a brewery to produce beer.The full explanation can be found at http://anitabeer.com/alaskan-brewing-company/ It was installed in a brewery in Philadelphia. This was the engine first used in beer production. In 1829, a brewery was opened in Pottsville, Pennsyvania. Today it is one of the olderst brewing companies owned by the Yuengling family.

During 1844 Jacob Best started a brewery in Milwaukee. It later became the famous Pabst Brewing Company. Another man August Krug founded the Schiltz Brewery in the same time period. In 1860 there were over 1,269 breweries in the United States. They produced over one million barrels of beer for people to drink. New York and Pennsylvania produced most of this beer. The Internal Revenue Service began to tax beer in 1861 at 1 per barrel.

The popularity of beer continue to grow. In 1910, there are approximately 1,568 breweries located in the United States for consumers to enjoy. On April 7, 1933 a law was passed to legalize manufacturing beer. In 1951 Anheuser-Busch builds a plant in Newark, New Jersey setting the stage for expansion. It buys the team the St. Louis Cardinals the same year. Pabst Blue Ribbon introduced the ide of packaging beer in aluminum can in 1959.. In 2009 there are over 1,500 breweries in the US. This is concrete proof that beer drinking is popular in the US.

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